Medical assistants are healthcare professionals who keep the doctors, medical staff and nurses organized. They keep the offices and paperworks together so that doctors can focus on helping the patients. Medical assistant programs provides the individuals the education needed to perform these jobs. There are two main types of medical assistant professionals: Administrative and Clinical, who perform different tasks.

Administrative medical assistants handles the patient records in the office. They deal with the insurance paperwork, scheduling and other arrangements in the office. They also take care of the laboratory tests and results. They also handle other clerical jobs in the office.

Clinical medical assistants have roles that involves dealing with the patients. Every state has different rules for patient duties. Some states allow them to work with patients about discussion vital signs or medical history, whereas some allow them to administer medication, assist in physical therapy etc. Some states do not allow medical assistants to work directly with the patients.

The aforementioned information can help you choose what kind of medical assistant program to get into. Finding the right programs is the very first step in getting started with your career.